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A Just Cause 3 Multiplayer server

About JC:RP

A giant roleplay server for
JustCause3 Multiplayer

Opened in the middle of 2017, we had the task of creating a complete roleplay server, modeling it into a giant similar to the olds SA-MP Roleplay servers. With the help of all community, we were adding aspects of other games like MTA, ARMA and GTA:V to however have the largest Roleplay server ever!

Begin from ZERO: get jobs; be promoted; level up; buy houses and stuff; become the tycoon; customize your vehicle at Pay'n Spray; run away from the police; arrest bandits and rebels; dominate military bases; play with friend and MUCH MORE!

What you can expect from the server: Custom Jobs, Player-made Races (with a Race Creator), Leveling-up and Money Systems, Buyable Houses, Hunger and Thirst Necessities, Fuel System (with functional Gas Stations), Weapon Store, Wanted Levels System, Police/Military/Rebels Jobs and much more!
We count on you to help us by giving suggestions to improve even more!

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16600 Unique Players
370 Members on Discord
200 Accepted Suggestions
65 Custom and Awesome Packages

What's next!

Personal Vehicles!

Your vehicle, only yours

It's already a concise plan to you have personal vehicles: go to a Dealership, choose your vigorous and buy it. Give it a name, paint it any color you like and tune it. It will always be where you leave it.

latest Work


latest Work

Play on the computer, keep up with your phone or tablet

We have plans to launch a mobile app where you can keep up with everything on the server! See your progress, statistics, rankings; make decisions and manage your assets!

More informations soon...

And much more!

We already have more than 60 suggestions not developed yet, and more every day to be analyzed. We want to hear your ideas in our Issue Tracker.


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How to Play?

The server is in Open Beta! FOR FREE!

We are already open to play in Beta, and you can find our server in the Just Cause 3 - Multiplayer Mod server list ;)

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